The McGillivray

George McGillivray, another Scot and staunch loyalist, purchased Inverlynn House in 1870 from the Laing family. George was married to Caroline Fothergill who was the daughter of the great naturalist Charles Fothergill and they had 13 children.

George was the person who named the home Inverlynn with ‘Inver’ meaning beside and ‘lynn’ meaning creek. McGillivary served on the Whitby Town Council and Board of Education and was one of the leaders in the movement to establish the St. Andrews Society.

Inverlynn was passed down through several generations who have lived there until 2018. Famous Canadian artist Florence McGillivray made it her home in the 19th century and was well known in the area for her contributions to the community.

The McGillivray is available on lots 2, 3 and 4.

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McGillivray Floorplans

Elevation A - 2701 sq ft

Optional Elevator - 2713 sq ft
Alternate Optional Elevator - 2696 sq ft

Elevation B - 2705 sq ft

Optional Elevator - 2711 sq ft
Alternate Optional Elevator - 2694 sq ft

Elevation C - 2737 sq ft

Optional Elevator - 2743 sq ft
Alternate Optional Elevator - 2626 sq ft

The McGillivray A