The Sayer

The Sayer family lived in the home that Mazo de la Roche used as the setting for her popular 1927 series, ‘The Whiteoaks of Jalna’. In the book the house was named ‘Benares’ by the main character Philip Whiteoak who comes to Canada after being garrisoned with his regiment in India.

This Clarkson country house was originally owned by the direct descendants of James Beveridge Harris who originally built the home.

The writer who loosely based her stories on this house regularly visited the home and had observed the family over three generations. One of the most interesting facts about the novels was the author having to add a third storey to fit in all her Whiteoaks characters!

The Sayer is available on Lots 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

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Sayer Floorplans

Elevation A - 4637 sq ft

Optional Floorplan - 4358 sq ft

Elevation B - 4632 sq ft

Optional Floorplan - 4353 sq ft

The Sayer A